Auto Murals

Here's to never missing a load.  This first truck, The sleeper was painted in my shop and sleepers were swapped out when it was completed.  At a different time when the truck was on scheduled downtime, the hood was removed, repainted, the dragons painted and put back on. 


Drivers Side     passenger side


This truck was dropped off at my shop on Friday night, the driver picked it up on Sunday on his way out for the week. 


One of my favorites, a weekday road truck and weekend pull truck, a 600 hp CAT under the hood and no stranger to a full pull what more fitting paint scheme.  This truck was done in two 3 day weekends.  One side per weekend.  Total downtime, 1 1/2 days.


Another Friday drop off, Sunday pickup.  Driver gets to spend weekend at home, have his truck painted and never miss a load.


Tailgates like helmets can be shipped to and from anywhere.  Tailgates and Helmets must be in new condition.


  A couple of license plate tags with an interesting story.   A project hosted by BearAir, these plates were sent to Iraq for military vehicles as a way of saying thanks to those who serve.


The requested paint was something to match the green of the truck, something unique.  The hood, fenders and doors were painted with a cross between flames and ocean waves.  Yet again, another zero downtime paint job.

This one's to late nights and time
schedules.  4 layers of stencils were
pre-cut before the truck arrived,
the truck showed up in the early
evening to be painted.  The driver
got his sleep, the truck got it's paint,
and made it's delivery in the morning.

I've done this type of thing more times
than I care to mention.