About the Artist

I've always been an artist.  I got involved in the trucking industry in the late 80's, during/after college, started lettering and sign painting shortly afterwards and picked up my first airbrush in 1992.  I've spent my entire life living in the country which is where my understanding of nature and wildlife comes from. 

The greatest magic in painting is to create what a customer sees but may not be able to articulate.  "I have this image in my head but don't know how to explain it and I can't draw" are words I hear all the time.  This is where creation begins and where the relationship between customer and artist become a very personal one. 

Because I got my start in fine art the airbrush simply became a way to apply artwork to any surface and I pride myself in detail.  All artwork looks good at a distance.  I gladly show mine close up.

Wolf Detail 

Although the $5 bill is touching the scanner bed for this picture, the painting was too large to sit flat against the glass.  The actual image isn't as fuzzy as what you see here and what you see here is 2 times the size of the original.  My animals look real because of the thousands of hairs and layers that are all individually painted. Detail

As an owner operator myself, I understand budgets and deadlines. 
Artwork should be obtainable to everyone and I can normally work with everyones budget
without sacrificing quality or the original concept. 

If you are in the market for custom paint, I recommend reading this article.

I can be reached at 607-336-3180 or you can email Penny.